I often find other artists' statements to be overly self-celebratory and obliviously portentous... not sure this is much different, I'm afraid.

My "practice" could perhaps best be characterised by my genuine interests in photography, research, writing and curation that all come together in producing the self-directed monographic projects found on this site. Though I wouldn't say I'm anchored to a particular practical style or explicit subject, I find myself returning to the same artistic/academic interests, namely visualising social and physical construction as well as the philosophical underwriting / instrumentality of photography and visual communication itself. If pushed for some profound distillation of what I'm all about, I'd like to say that I treat photography as a means of both interrogation and communication, with the potential for a much more democratic dissemination of information. Though still relatively young, I feel that I navigate the first half of this belief well and will continue to do so with even more efficiency, but it is that latter dissemination and physical exhibitory aspect that I know I must work on supporting more as I move forward.


Having only just arrived at the end of my time at Coventry University I look forward to exploring, evaluating and expanding my artistic and academic practice further. Simply put, my primary long-term aspiration moving forward is to find a way of making possible the continuation of these 'personal' projects. I hope to continue to sharpen my knowledge and interests in other disciplines (sociology, for example) and allow my own voice to be expressed more fluently and legitimately through my technical photographic abilities. 


In short, I look forward to getting my current work further "out there" whilst aligning myself with new directions of research and opportunities for new projects.

In terms of social media presence, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram ( @MiloLethorn ) or, alternatively, you may contact me directly here.