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Though unanchored to a particular practical style or subject, my key artistic interests lie in visualising social and physical construction through commentative documentary projects.


I’ve best been able to word my relationship to photography as revolving around a belief in the medium as a means of both interrogation and communication, with the potential for a much more democratic dissemination. Photography today treads the line of objectivity and subjectivity in a way that can, whilst still satisfying legitimate coverage of the subject, promote understanding and active discussion for the public more efficiently than often impenetrable academic texts or overly-abstracted/politicised artwork. Confidently able to turn my hand to a variety of visual techniques and processes, my practice is very project driven, with photographs often made parrallel to rigorous research and plotting. I do have experience with more straightforward reportage and look to pursue similar opportunities in the future whilst also aspiring to take on more substantial commissioned projects. 


Having recently graduated from Coventry University I look forward to exploring, evaluating and expanding my artistic practice into a career. I hope to continue to sharpen my comprehension in other disciplines (such as sociology, philosophy and urban study) and allow my own voice to be expressed more fluently and legitimately through my technical photographic abilities. 


In terms of social media presence, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram ( @MiloLethorn ) or, alternatively, you may contact me directly.

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