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The Tradition of

Change and Continuity

These are the sights we see everyday. 


Tracing the A4053, Coventry's infamous ring-road, introduces one to multiple topographic identities. 

Look around. Cranes and scaffolding slice the city's skyline, flanked by a fleet of skyscrapers that dwarf the spires that once defined this place. 

Coventry is under construction.


For a city once widely praised after rising from adversity and 

embracing modernity as a community, change is coming once again. 

However, to suggest that contemporary Coventry is anything even remotely synonymous with continuity? 


That tradition is ultimately broken.


Through quiet windows within this environment, we must look

to question the motivations of agencies that seek to change it, 

and what social consequences might arise for the population.



Look at the buildings. 


Think about the people. 



Join the conversation.


Thank you for your contribution.

Participation in the study is entirely voluntary; you can withdraw from the survey at any point of time, without giving a reason for doing so. Please be assured that the information you provide will remain strictly confidential and anonymous. Answers will be reported so that no individual or organisation will be identifiable from any publication presenting contributions to the conversation. 

By submitting an answer, your consent to take part in the project is assumed and that you agree to the use of anonymised quotes in publications. If you would like to have further information about the project, please message me via the contact section in the main-menu.

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